Pest Control Now A Killer That Works

Hold your horses. Do not get too excited. All will be revealed in the next minute or two. Although it must be said that this excitement is perfectly understandable. In fact, this news may even get many of the hapless pest control companies out there to sit up and take note. But customers already know this. So in answer to this next question then. Why have these pest control companies failed so miserably time after time, and year in and year out? They have tried every fumigation trick in the book.

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And they have mixed it up with the most poisonous poisons known to mankind. And yet still. Still the pests keep coming back. Why is this? This is something the pest control services cape coral fl companies may have now been able to put their fingers on. That is to say that they have been one of those companies that have made this great discovery. Hold the excitement. In a minute, all will be revealed. No, the thing is, insect species pests have had no difficulty in adapting to some of the most poisonous poisons ever laid down.

And while they lapped it up as though it were dessert, young children and domestic pets were becoming quite ill. They could get ill from touching the poison and placing fingers and paws into their mouths. They could even get horribly sick just from inhaling the poisonous fumes. But not this one. This ‘poison’ is as organic as they come. It is a resin that was picked up from a plant that is indigenous to the South American continent. The plant is able to ward off all insects. Should any of these insects come into contact with the plant’s poison, they are killed on the spot.